Sinai Excursions

The Sinai Peninsula is the geophysical divide between Asia and Africa, and the eastern gate to Egypt.

South Sinai attracts many kinds of travelers, as there are so many points of interest in the area, whether from a cultural, historical or sports point of view.

It is also a paradise for nature lovers, and a place where you can see undreamed-of beauty in the landscape.

Nature Travel offers various excursions in South Sinai, some examples of which are listed here:

Coloured Canyon

The Colored Canyon is one of the mesmerizing sights in the Sinai Peninsula as you get to explore an outstanding geological freak of nature. Imagine yourself hiking in a narrow valley where you can only see multicolored layers of rocks that have formed painterly swirls. You can think of the Colored Canyon as a maze of colorful rocks. The beauty of this popular destination is undescribable and will confuse your eyes with its spectacular view.
Nature Travel arranges the best trips to the Colored Canyon. We make sure you enjoy the most out of this long hike. This is why we pick you up from the hotel at 9 AM. We also offer a delicious lunch.

St. Catherine

Saint Catherine, a UNESCO world heritage site, is home to Egypt’s highest mountain Mount Catherine and the 6th-century enormous Christian monastery that has the second-largest collection of illuminated manuscripts. This is the perfect destination for hikers who are looking for a challenge as this is a hard one, but the view of Sinai from the summit is completely worth it.
Nature Travel can arrange a trip for you to go on this exciting hiking experience. We also organize shorter trips to the must-go-to places in St. Catherine where you get to interact with the Bedouins.


Ras Abu Galum is one of the wonderful destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling. It is a large natural protected area that exhibits countless vibrant coral outcrops offering a magical view, starting from its shore.
Nature travel arranges top-quality one-day trips to Ras Abu Galum where you can enjoy the tranquillity of the Bedouin village and swim in the crystal clear waters. This is a truly unique experience you should definitely go for!

Ras Mohamed

About 20km west of Sharm El Sheikh on the road from Al Tor lies the headland of Ras Mohammed National Park, named by local fishers for a cliff that resembles a man’s profile. The waters surrounding the peninsula are considered the jewel in the crown of the Red Sea. The park is visited annually by more than 50,000 visitors, enticed by the prospect of marvelling at some of the world’s most spectacular coral-reef ecosystems, including a profusion of coral species and teeming marine life. Most, if not all, of the Red Sea’s 1000 species of fish can be seen in the park’s waters, including sought-after pelagics, such as hammerheads, manta rays and whale sharks.